About services

1 We will look around your empty house during your long absence.
2 It is once a month.
3 We will submit photos and reports to you.

4 Or while you leave your residence for a long time, we will introduce someone to rent there.


In your house and room

· Window opening · Ventilation (over 20 minutes)
· Water flow
· Confirmation of mail (shoot and send those pictures)
· Disposal of leaflets
· Photo shooting outside and inside


People who need this service

· To you who has a house other than Japan
· To you of embassy officials
· To you who will be away from Japan for a long time


Our characteristics

Our company’s characteristics are high reliability. Our company is represented by a legal advisor. The legal advisor is subject to confidentiality obligations under Japanese law. Therefore, the client’s secret is strictly protected.


Target area

It is around Azabu and Roppongi in Tokyo.